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New Media Network (NMN) is one of the most respected networks in Norway, established in 2003. Our legacy members include TV 2, Aller Media, Schibsted and Amedia (Please see a full list of our members in 2016). NMN maintains and continues to build relationships with respectedand influencial leaders in the media industry, telecom, publishing, newspapers, software, consulting and government agencies.

NMN is the network where we can predict and discuss the key digital transformation trends in each sector. We facilitate the challenging questions about technology advances crossing the different sectors and find the most

up-to- date knowledge. We are interested in the variables to find relevant information impacting future business models. We also offer our international knowledge to generate the best discussion in our meetings.

New Media Network (NMN) is an independent organization, we have no

political or industrial objectives. We are not an interest organization, we do not

take position on licenses, standards, open or closed technical platforms. We

are in interested in understanding the business implications that follow these


Independent network

Better decisions

NMN´s goal is for the members to have the best information in order to develop their own expertise and insight. Each manager is to attain the knowledge to make better decisions for their business. NMN is also known for

expanding personal networks with the member meetings and study tours. Networking is a valuable source of future business.

Being creative and being

inspired are essential to making better decisions!

Bjarne Hareide

Chairman of board

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