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About Us

Illuminate and discuss the ongoing digital transformation of the media industry

New Media Network is an arena for discussing new trends and innovative strategies for the content and media digital transformation.

We invite companies, organizations and individuals to meetings and gatherings as requested by our partners.

Discussions about new trends in our industry have been cultivated across the traditional boundaries between telecom, publishing, newspapers, software, consulting services and government agencies. We are particularly interested in learning from international developments in this area.

An independent forum

New Media Network is an independent forum, with no political or industrial goals.

We are not a non-profit organization.

This means that we do not decide on licenses, standards, open or closed networks, etc., but are
interested in understanding the business implications that follow from them.

Increased professional insight

New Media Network aims to enable key people in the media industry to develop their own expertise and insight through participation in NMN's meetings and events and use this to make better decisions for their business.

In addition, meeting with other key individuals and expanding personal networks is valuable.

These networks and contacts can often be a rich source of future business, and frequently end up in joint projects.

Both to inspire - and to be inspired is important!

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